Decisions made during the preconstruction phase will have a significant impact as the project progresses. Our experience in leading projects will save clients valuable time and money, and set the project on a path towards success.  During this phase we will:

  • Quickly identify the client’s priorities and expectations.
  • Assist client in defining project deliverables.
  • Develop Conceptual Budgets that will serve as the basis to control the design.
  • Lead regular project meetings and ensure that all Project Team members stay focused.
  • Develop and update project budgets as design develops.
  • Perform value engineering and compare design alternatives.
  • Develop and monitor project schedule.
  • Arrange for pre-purchase of long-lead items to ensure schedule compliance.
  • Prepare subcontractor and vendor prequalification criteria, and generate bidding interest in the project.
  • Produce bid packages and manage the subcontractor and vendor bidding and award process.
  • Establish phasing and logistics plans.


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As the design finalizes and the project enters the construction phase, OMARA provides the direction needed to follow through on all the preconstruction efforts. Through diligent work, our project management staff coordinates, supervises, and actively manages the construction process, from the first layout through the final punch-list item.

  • Develop site mobilization plans, and prepare spaces for construction.
  • Lead regular meetings with major subcontractors and vendors.
  • Participate in regular meetings with client and Project Team, and keep all parties current with respect to project deliverables.
  • Negotiate additional subcontractor and vendor contracts as needed.
  • Monitor on-site quality and performance for schedule compliance on a daily basis.
  • Track project finances, and prepare regular budget updates, including final cost projections.
  • Coordinate with “by-owner” vendors and contractors for timely inclusion in the project schedule.
  • Maintain a safe, productive work environment with diligent attention paid
    to safety practices.
  • Ensure that all construction trades are kept current with any changing project details.
  • Control subcontractor and vendor requests for additional compensation.
  • Prepare monthly payment requisitions, issue subcontractor payments,
    and collect lien waivers.
  • Coordinate final site preparation and turnover for client’s occupancy.
  • Assemble and submit all closeout documentation, including equipment manuals,
    as-built drawing, and government agency sign-offs.