we are different

"OMARA is that rare contractor whose mere presence on the project puts our mind at ease. 
They add value with their knowledge, diligence, integrity, and superior quality. OMARA is
a big asset to our team, working with us to solve problems rather than leaving them at our door."

- Luke Cusack,
  Property Manager,
  Cushman & Wakefield
















Decisions made during the preconstruction phase will have a significant impact as the project progresses. Our experience in leading projects will save clients valuable time and money, and set the project on a path towards success.  During this phase we will:


As the design finalizes and the project enters the construction phase, OMARA provides the direction needed to follow through on all the preconstruction efforts. Through diligent work, our project management staff coordinates, supervises, and actively manages the construction process, from the first layout through the final punch-list item.